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My kits still run away sometimes when I approach the cage, that just comes with time and talking and more exposure. They are prey animals and still learning the world. Why its good to get from a breeder as they grow up with house sounds and things but it can be easily learnt. I make sure to let my newbies hear my karaoke early on.. climatise them to that horror lol

Really try hard to do bonding and taming of them together, you will quite often get one kit that is confident and fine and another that is scared and wriggly so I fully know the temptation to just enjoy the more confident one but they will help each other and you may find their personalities change a few times as they develop.

My little rescue guy started stress pooping as soon as I picked him up which was annoying but persistance, calm voice & reptition he is now fine. Still wriggles a bit but no bites and comfortable with my hands. Seeing the kits being picked up lots helped him. He has been with my two older ones but I think he could relate more to the kits as they are nearer his age and same size.
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