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forgot to add..your best taming method is not to faff around trying to tempt them to doors.. rats soon can become the boss of you and you can waste hours sat cooing and bribing lol

I use a snuggle pouch, you can buy them or make one, and sit with them in it on the sofa with my hand in there. They soon recognise it and can climb out into it at the door, it is less daunting than an open cage door.

They will often test nibble but new ratty people can often mistake grooming for bites, they will nibble under your nails and remember they are still learning what is food and what is not in the world. A true rat bite will often have 3 punctures as their bottom teeth split. But little nibbles quickly can be them grroming you

Also a dressing gown or hoodie..shove them down there! The sound of your heart will calm them and they get used to your smells.

Unlike hamsters, hands on taming outside cage will get you quicker, more confident rats, otherwise they will take you for a ride!

I dont put any hide places like tubes in either, i give them the top part of a sputnik to sleep under but that is it.

Ive become more confident over the years now.. at the start id sit for hours and hours trying to get nervous babies to come out to me! good luck
Feel free to ask me about rat advice too
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