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Yay another ratty person!

I haven't announced them but I got a pair of kits the week before christmas! A silvered black and black eyed siamese. They have introed great with my boys and went into my main cage yesterday (liberta explorer, just top half at present)

You already have some good advice.

What I would add, if they are your first rats and they are a bit nervous still, put them in a hamster cage for a bit until they tame up and get confident in your house. It wont harm them . Mine live in a 80 x 50cm cage for the first few weeks then i use it as an intro cage.

I like my hammocks from cosy beds and burrows (their hanger hammocks are great) and heart rat hammocks on etsy

They will need a higher protein diet until they are around 10-12 weeks old, keep an eye on their tails, they should be nice and round not squared. egg, kitten food pouches etc then reduce it to a few times per week.

Ive had many red eyed rats, they do sway but rats dont rely on eyesight as much as we think so ive never had an issue hand feeding.

Any nips can be countered with "rat speak" by making a little squeak! They soon learn hands come with food and scritches!

Did you get them from a breeder? They should be able to advise on the colour.

You may have a roan.. they look like black hooded and quickly fade and change

Any questions please ask.. im a crazy rat lady of..erm... 11 years now, eep!

food wise, like engel said, the commercial mixes arent great, I use harrisons banana brunch as my base and add cereals, grains, nuts and various other bits, It works out cheaper too and i store in a large feed bin
Feel free to ask me about rat advice too
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