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If you could get a decent photo or video of them I can help you work out the markings (and I'm sure other rat owning members will too).

I know you said that you still need to get more stuff for the cage yet, but when you do just get rid of the plastic levels, they're pee magnets and a pain if I'm honest.

Dog ropes are cheap and can be attached with shower hooks. Wooden perches for birds are also enjoyed. Lava ledges and suspended bendy bridges are fun. Alro cardboard boxes and large tubes suspended and on ground level are the best and cheapest toys.

I don't know if you are aware but they can be litter trained. Also store bought food isn't as great as you may think. When you have time, have a look at the shumanite diet.

If you search Isamu Rats on YouTube, she has lots of informative videos on everything rat. Illness, food, enrichment, cages, bucks, does, kittens, everything you can think of.

I've owned both does and bucks. There's only a few differences I've noticed with mine. Bucks are a lot bigger. My one boy was 1kg (originally from a breeder who had a big line) while my largest doe was ~300g of unknown background. The second thing is only my bucks have had HLD and kidney issues (normally come hand in hand) females I've had little issue with but normally things like pyo and mammary tumors are common.
Boys aren't necessarily more cuddly and girls aren't always more hyper. I had one boy cuddly, the other hyper. Same with my current and my previous girls.

In regards to the eyes, don't worry. A friend of mine had 2 albino ex lab rats (rescue) and they were fine, lived a normal life. I had a ruby eyed Siamese, again same thing, he could do anything the black eyed do. You just may notice swaying of the head which really all rats do but more noticeable with red eyed. Just helps with depth perception. All I can say is make sure you have hammocks strategically placed to break falls. They'll be alright ☺️

You may be experiencing test bites, very gentle compared to an actual bite and nothing to really worry about. Mine test bit for a few months, the one still does from time to time but she's taken longer to come out of her shell.

How old are they roughly?

Any issues or questions feel free to ask. World of rats can be a tad daunting when you start but you'll soon get into the groove.
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