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Default Rosie & Bloom

For several years I'd been planning to get rats, and as of December 30th 2020 it finally happened - not necessarily entirely the way I'd planned, for example females instead of the males I'd intended on getting for years now. Admittedly I've been putting off making this thread, but the girls really do deserve an introduction before I've had them a whole month!

Rosie is, as far as I can tell, a pink eyed white. In some ways she seems to be the more outgoing rat of my pair. She also seems to not have as good eyesight as Bloom, but she gets around well enough even if she has to calibrate her vision sometimes(which if I'm being honest made me panic a bit initially). ETA - forgot to mention but she has bitten twice although the first time barely even counts as a bite since skin was not broken although it was my fault anyways, the second time was a little more recent and could've been an accident(luckily not a bad bite but I'm still going to have to work on that to try and prevent future bites).

Bloom is a fairly skittish mystery hooded - she looked like a black hooded rat when I got her, but then different lighting makes her look very different so I have no idea with her. I've been making progress with her slowly though, so hopefully eventually she'll be easier to handle and more comfortable with me in general.

Both rats are comfortable enough coming up to open cage doors and begging for treats. This is a newer change for them, but it does seem to be helping them get more comfortable with me. On the other hand, they've also learned the sound of treat bags being crinkled very well and will even wake up from naps to climb onto the side of their cage and stare at me as if I've betrayed them by not immediately offering treats

I might make a separate thread eventually regarding my thoughts & experiences with their cage, but they do live in a Savic Zeno 3 Empire which to keep things short I've found to be an excellent cage that they seem to enjoy. I do have to fill it up more and give them more things in general though.

For now I'll just add a picture of a blurry Rosie(one paw does look a little odd there but they're fine).
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