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Default Good bye wee Gordon

Wee Gordon has gone to the rainbow bridge via his tunnel.

I don't know Gordon's exact age but he was at least two years old. He had gone blind a little while ago so everything in his tank had been on one level since but he still managed to hamster wobble about. The last couple of weeks Gordon had started to look really old and dottery but he still enjoyed life and ate his food.
Last night he was sitting on top of his house roof munching on mealworms and dried herbs but stepped off his roof and fell about an inch onto the deep substrate onto his back with all four paws up in the air wriggling like mad. He turned over and run to his tunnel then dived down at a remarkable speed.

I think he died there last night because i didn't see him again and found him tonight at the bottom of his tunnel curled up and dead.
It was almost like falling off his roof was the last straw for him, he decided that he had enough and run down his tunnel to the rainbow bridge.

We'll miss you Gordon but you had a good life and a peaceful end which is a lot to be greatful for.

Give our love to Henry and Percy when you meet up with your old mates again.
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