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Default Re: Play pen cage for hamster

Originally Posted by Shadow Cat View Post
I tried that, she ate it too!
They sound pretty similar! I was going to come back and say Iíd made a wall out of cardboard boxes and blocked off half the room and it was all going very well. Then she was out last week and escaped through gaps in the wall twice, got into a cupboard full of stuff, luckily tempted out with pumpkin seeds. I just had her out again this evening and she was ok, didnít get out. She does rush around getting faster and faster and I worry that the whole thing is just stressing her. Perhaps I should make some more tunnels, although she can go around behind her cage, so thatís like a tunnel. I do try to think of ways to make her cage bigger, but itís 1m by 50cm so unless I can find one with more levels there no more floor space for it. It does have a second level inside and and ramps. I think sheís just super active!
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