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Default Re: Bitting dwarf hamster

It could well be that your hamster won't tolerate handling and that you'll have to accept her for who she is.

I had a dwarf hamster like that who appeared to have been traumatised plus on top of that he was ill with diabetes.
He improved a lot in the short time he was with me but never quit biting, any chance he got. I was able to stroke him while he was busy eating and while he was on my lap but that was it. I was never able to pick him up. Still, he took food from my fingers through the mesh of his bin cage window, enjoyed "flying" in his mug from his cage to my lap and generally hamstered about.

You've tried different taming methods and so did i. Main thing is that you took in this rescue hamster willing to give her a good life and she'll be enjoying every minute of it, in her own way.
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