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Default Bitting dwarf hamster

So, I have had a hybrid hamster for about 5 months now.
We have named her nougat, as she's a dark creamy colour.
We got her from a local rescue, who said she was used as a breeding hamster. We are unsure of her age but about 6 months.

They said they had been trying to help her gain weight as she looked underweight, you could see nougat's lower ribs.
This issue has been resolved working with my vet.

She's still really nippy.
She is in a delolf, 6inch plus bedding, lots of enrichment, 8 inch wheel.
I try and get her out every day into the playpen.

The playpen is the back part of the living room, 7ft by 4ft, hamster safe area, with lots of bridges, tunnels and places to hide and play,
I try to sit in there with her and she always bites me or my clothes. She bites and draws blood often.
She plays round the area, exploring very confidently, but when she gets to me she bites any part of my body (thigh, feet, bum and back).

I try to give her food that she loves and she ignores the food and bites fingers or hand. I try not to react, I've worn gloves so it's no my flesh and she still bites.
I have managed to get her on my lap, with a blanket over my lap, on the sofa. Where she explores and kinda lets me stroke her, but I can't pick her up from there.

She seems happy with her current life
I've tried many different ways to tame which have worked in the past with other hamsters from this rescue.

Do I except that she's not handable? After 5 months of trying.
I think she was probably traumatised from been used as a breeding hamsters and probably wasn't handled at all.
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