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Exclamation Hamster hair loss

Hi i have a female syrian hamster
She is like 3 months old
And i have realised that shes lost hair on her head and behind ears
Maybe from grooming or scratching too much?
Not sure
The other day i took her to the vet just for a check up and told him that she scratched herself too much
He said he didnít or couldnít see anything and she wasnít basically letting him but from what he could see he didnt see any like mites or parasites but he did he me this drop
And told me to use 10 on her back and shoulder
I did that yesterday
But i wanted to come here and see if anyone would have the same problem? Or why is that happened because my hamster was flufflier before :/
Does the fur grow back ? In the places that has fallen?
Please let me know
Thank you
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