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Unhappy Twitchy snoozing randomly or poorly??

Hi there.. So my dwarf hamster Froobie is roughly 9? Months old now..
I took her to the vet back in November because she had some weird behaviour, she would go ape shit hyper and climb her bottle and stuff, but then she'd go sit in her potty and shut her eyes and she sit there looking not happy at all.. She also went from 55g to 35g in a couple weeks. They gave me antibiotics for a week and I think she perked up alright. She's still quite light, she's actually gone down to 30g now but seemed happy. Now though she's sat being weird in her potty again.

She basically looks like she might have fallen asleep as sunken looking, and in deep dream, breathing fast, twitching slightly a bit as well, then if she hears a noise like me trying to watch her she will open her eyes and adjust herself then shut her eyes again. She will sit in her pottie bowl for quite some time.. I took a video as well but not sure how to add?..

So just wanting to know if this is a normal thing? Maybe she's just comfy there, maybe she's a bit hot so sat in the bowl cause it's ceramic? Anyone else seen this and what did it turn out to be??

Also another weird thing she has done for most time iv had her, she sits in potty and poops and then puts it in front of her, then poops again.. She can make a small pile of like 6 or more poops?... Is this just a weird thing hamsters do?? 🤔🤔🤔

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