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Default Re: Putting cream on ham's nose?

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
I take it that Pepper is the cute hamster in your avatar and a dwarf hamster?
Have you tested him for diabetes?

Reason i'm asking is because i had a diabetic dwarf and you mention odd patches on a wooden house.
I had to remove all wooden items from my dwarf's habitat because his diabetic pee caused mould on wood which in turn can breed bacteria.

This may be a long shot but could be worthwhile looking into if his nose doesn't clear up.
Diabetes is actually a really good shout! He's a Winter White. I have some ketone-glucose strips around, I will see if I can get him to pee in any sort of container for me. So far he's not really cooperated and seemed more and more desperate to get out. I'm a bit unsure how to get him in a clean container without him panicking about it, as this is not something we have really done before (I have only kept him in a bowl or such before to weigh him, which is a lot quicker).
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