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Default Re: Putting cream on ham's nose?

It could be a bedding issue - hemp is a plant material so if there was a damp patch it could get a bit of mould or fungus. I am allergic to hemp bedding (sets my asthma off anyway). You could try an area of paper bedding near his house end rather than changing all of it. I have had some fungus in a cage before where a water bottle leaked onto the substrate slowly. But it didn’t affect the hamster. The scabs could be a fungal infection (eg ringworm type thing) but boosting their immune system helps fight things as well and a depletion in nutrients could also cause skin issues.

The fact that it is on his nose only though does sound like he’s been sticking his nose in something! Have you checked toys and houses etc for sharp edges or nails etc. Also is there anything he could try and squeeze underneath (eg under a house )?
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