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Default Re: Putting cream on ham's nose?

Originally Posted by AmityvilleHams View Post
I would keep in mind that these sorts of products can sometimes even have toxic ingredients - for example products including tea tree in any form shouldn't be used on hamsters as it is considered toxic to them.

That said - is there any new food you've tried lately? Try and think back to what you'd fed outside of the main diet if anything at all when symptoms first started.
by these sorts of products did you mean the anti-fungal nose cream? i have double checked, it doesn't have anything like that in it (tea tree and such would definitely set my alarm bells off). it is a simple prescribed cream.
i haven't tried any new foods. while I was cleaning his cage, I found some odd coloured patches on one of his wooden houses, which I took out immediately - based on the look of it, it may be fungal and the culprit, but I obviously this is just a guess.
I haven't really given him anything new in a while, and I've been using the same bedding as ever, so I'm not sure if it's an allergic reaction (but if it doesn't improve I may have to give a different kind of bedding a shot - right now I use aubiose).
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