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Default Re: Putting cream on ham's nose?

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
It does sound tricky. What cream is it? Has he been bar chewing? That can often lead to sores or scabs on the nose (and also round the mouth). If it's not infected it should heal up on its own. Or you could put a dab of aloe vera gel on it daily - that is safe to lick off. If it doesn't heal up on its own or looks infected I would ask the vet about an antibiotic injection (or oral) instead of the cream and explain the cream isn't working. But I would try aloe vera gel and try and rule out the cause of the sore on the nose.
Hi! it's an anti-fungal cream. he lives in a detolf and it's definitely not bár chewing (there's not many bars to chew, but my previous hamster did that and I'd recognise the marks on his nose). the vet said it is some form of dermatitis, he's just not sure about the source of it, which is why he gave both antibiotic and anti-fungal treatment.
it started about a week ago at this point and its not going away on its own, plus it definitely annoys Pepper, so I'd want to at least try to apply the cream.
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