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Default Why did my dwarf Campbell hamster die?

His name was Hunter he was a year and a half old, since Iíve had him heís had these weird episodes that seemed to be seizures or epilepsy I read somewhere that hamsters can be epileptic. They typically look like him getting startled and screaming falling on his back and pooping followed by him going turbo running everywhere they typically last btwn 5-15min then heís chill and walking about normal. Yesterday morning he was up so I fed him a cucumber and he was eating it just fine when all of a sudden he starts screaming and he jumps out of my hand and goes turbo, his running lasted for 45 min. It was followed by him going full loaf, all his limbs were hidden. He hates being picked up but I did it and got no reaction, I checked him out bc I hard an awful bang before he stopped running and sure enough his front left limb was inflamed and red. I donít think he died bc of that? Maybe he did... but while in loaf mode he seemed to have gotten the hiccups which Iíve read is not common and most likely was something called agonal breathing where he was gasping for air...? I donít know I just wanna know if he felt pain?? If it was something I did??? Why did he die??? Has anyone experienced this?? He was spasming and the hiccups and then he just stopped breathing... I am truly devastated
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