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Default Re: Hamster fell 3 feet, First Salad

That’s good. She probably found it a bit of an escape adventure. You have to watch them as although they are nervous of some things (eg hands that look like predator claws coming from above or anyone invading their cage) and are generally very intelligent little things, they are stupid wfeg it comes to hurling themselves from a height and can get seriously injured.

It’s tricky if she does a runner when you take the top off. Maybe have a tube next to the cage to put in front of her if she’s climbed- they tend to walk into a tube. Then you can put your hands over the ends and lift her out in it and put it down somewhere safe - eg a playpen area.

I have Cushions on the floor round the cage area as well - just in case.

Thinking of a name can be tricky. Why not start a thread with a photo of her and get some suggestions based on what she looks like. Doesn’t have to be a girls name - some people use Themes. Eg food (honey, popcorn, pumpkin etc). Some use a favourite film - character names.
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