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Default Re: Worried about my little dwarf...

Thank you Ria, that is reassuring to know about their changing behaviours. I think I just worry a lot after losing my first hamster Roly so suddenly.
He had made a lovely nest in and around his coconut but I had to gentle clean it as he had peed in it. Since then he has chosen to sleep in his house and I worry I have upset him.
He is very tame but I have hardly seen him the past few days so haven't been able to handle him very much. I lured him out yesterday with broccoli and sat him on my hand whilst he happily munched away at it. Afterwards to just went straight back in his house though when normally he would like to explore up my arm!
Maybe like you said it's a seasonal things, I know I'm definitely happier when it's warm and sunny!
Thanks for your help. X
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