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Default Worried about my little dwarf...

I have had my adorable dwarf hamster Loki for about a month now and this past week his character has changed. I adopted him at 8 months and he was a confident boy who liked to be handled. This past week i haven't seen him very much during the day as he is in his house when i wake up and usually in there when i go to bed. I check on him by removing the lid to his house but last night he just tried to bury himself in more bedding as if he didn't want to be seen.
He still is not really eating food out of his bowl but most of his scattered food appears to be gone by the morning. He is also eating his fresh veg.
It is like he has become very shy any maybe a little scared and i really can't think of any reason why this might be. I am obviously worried about him and wondering whether i should take him to the vets.
Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer me.
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