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Default Re: Stubborn Bar Chewer!

My female syrian is/was a massive bar chewer too. She lives in the Barney cage. Adding chew toys didn't really help, though of course she still has them. I've found that since I've put a heap more things in her cage for her to climb she's been chewing the bars far far less. I installed a Trixie corner shelf in the one corner next to her wheel she chewed the most and put a lof od extra paper bedding underneath and since then she's found a love of burrowing under the shelf an climbing onto it and hasn't chewed. I also bought her a cork tunnel for her to climb on and crawl through for something else to do. In the other place she used to chew I attached a flattened bendy bridge with zip ties across those bars and she occasionally chews the bridge but can't get to the bars anymore (which is a good thing because one of the horizontal bars actually snapped and I was afraid she woudl hurt herself) Another thing you could try is making foraging toys out of toilet rolls to keep your ham occupied with chewing something else instead. Once my girl has got the treats out of the toilet rolls (I kind of seal both ends by folding them over horizontally at one end and vertically at the other) she carries on shrerdding the cardboard.
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