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Default Re: Allergic hamster?

Can we see your set-up? There might be something in there irritating your hammy's little nose that you may not know of.

In your house are you using any airfreshners or spraying anything in close proximity to the room where the cage is?

Do you wear any perfume or cologne? This may be overpowering for him.

Is your room dusty?

Do you have a smelly washing powder or fabric conditioner? These may smell lovely but can irritate noses.

Is there a draft? Is the cage located next to a window?

Has the heating been on? This can dry the air out which in turn dries out the nasal passages making them irritated, making them sneeze. You can get thermometers which also measure humidity. Aim for 50% humidity.

How often does your hammy sneeze? Every day? Once every now and again?

Do you have any other pets?
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