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Default Re: Queries about getting a Chinese hamster

Chineseys do make adorable pets, as souffle said they can be quite shy & timid to begin with & may take longer to tame than other species but with patience they can become very confident & busy little things.
I find most of mine have enjoyed a good size cage as long as there isn’t too much open space, tunnels, hides & hammocks work really well for them.
I have one in a 145L RUB bin cage which works quite well (I put a large barred door on the front rather than just mesh which makes interaction easier, especially when they’re new) but my other three are all in barred cages & all but one of my previous Chinese hams have been too, you do need a cage with narrow bars though, I use the Hamster Heaven (without the. penthouse or tubes( & Savic Mickey xl which both have narrow enough bars for a Chinese.
I use the same size wheel as I do for my Russian hams, a 9” silent runner (not silent spinner!) a ball is best avoided completely.
A good dwarf specific mix is best & just avoid any sweet foods to help reduce the risk of diabetes, I’ve been lucky & not had any diabetic hams but it is fairly common with Chinese hams.
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