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Smile Queries about getting a Chinese hamster

Hi all,
I am looking at getting a Chinese hamster however after having only had Syrian ones before is there any major difference in their set up?
Also after having doing some reading it seems to be recommended they would prefer a cage size similar to Syrians but I am worried that with their size they could slip through any bars so would it be better to create them their own bin cage as that would prevent any escaping mishaps? When looking at accessories such as balls and wheels would it be best to get dwarf hamster sized things or Syrian sized things as they are a sort of in between size? As well as this is there a list of specific fruit and vegetable treats to give or not give them as when reading I came across a website that said that dwarf hamsters were more at risk of diabetes and to avoid too sugary treats but as Chinese hamsters aren't quite 'dwarf' would this still be applicable? Thank you so much
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