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Originally Posted by worldturns View Post
what weight would you recommend for fitch 10kg or 20kg?, I have just gone a got a new tank the skyline Marrakesch the large 100cm long one, while I am waiting to get a bit of wood for it to sit on i have been looking in to getting a new type of substrate. after reading every post on this thread and looking into the online prices etc I have chosen fitch. but what size?
I would recommend the 20kg one! The 20kg works out to be cheaper for the amount of bedding you get and even though it may seem pricey, it will last 2x longer than the 10kg. As an idea, a 10kg bag gave my 1600sq inch cage around 3-4inches of bedding if I put it evenly all over and I wish I bought the 20kg! (I had to buy the 20kg of Fitch after this but I would have saved so much money if I just bought the 20kg at first)
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