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Default Re: I have done a thing

Originally Posted by Stella Maris View Post
Since you've had rats before, may I ask:
Are they stinky?
Are they so smart that it's a full time job keeping them entertained?
Do they pee mark everywhere they go? On you?

I hope you don't find my queries rude, inquiring minds want to know. Maybe someday I might do the rat thing.

No worries I'll happily answer any questions. Now by all means I'm no pro and still learning myself.

Are they stinky?
-this is a very common question and the short answer is no. They are incredibly clean. I've found that one hamster emits more odour than 3 rats. This doesn't mean they can't stink. Regular cleaning is a MUST. Unlike hamsters, rats can be 100% toilet trained for both pee and poop so really removing soiled litter every couple of days and wipe down any shelves you have is basically it. Bucks have this thing called buck grease...which isn't grease. People compare it to cologne but you can't smell it unless you literally smell your rat it's not an awful or over powering smell.

Are they very smart that it's a full time job?
-well it can be if you want it to be. Honesty though a lot of thing you may do with your hamster, you can do with your rat. Like digging box, foraging or generally making them work for their food. Sprouted seeds or cat grass can also be used. Plenty of climbing equipment and rotate through different toys rather than keep it all the same. 1hr out the cage with you and doing tricks with food and you'll be all good.

Do they pee and mark everything?
The only time I was pooped on a rat was when it's scared. Other than that I never have. I haven't noticed any marking even when I had males so if there's anything it's not noticeable. Also as they can be litter trained they'll be more inclined to use that than anywhere else.
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