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Default Re: What do you feed your dwarf hamsters?

Carrot being high in sugar or causing blood glucose spikes is a complete myth and only serves to do more harm than good. Carrot is an extremely healthy low glycemic food which is not high in sugar and just as with any other safe veg can be fed in moderation to all species. I'm not sure where the carrots being high in sugar or causing blood glucose spikes myth came from, but it exists in the human world too!

For the main diet though, Rodipet make excellent foods and that is the only food I can recommend personally. They have very high quality whole food ingredients with no harmful ingredients and happen to be the highest quality premade food you'll find!

Fruit is a far more complicated topic. I would personally advise against feeding any fruit, fresh or dried, unless you have enough knowledge on the glycemic index, how much sugar different fruit actually has, etc. Even knowing that information and providing very tiny portions it is still a risky choice and not everyone will agree with it for various reasons.
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