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Default In Memory of Sammy

The first time you looked so lonely and scared,
So, I held you to my chest.
With your ears pinned back,
And breathing hard like you were sick,
I knew I had to save you.
You settled my heart over the loss of another.
You brought me joy when I thought I was lost.
I was stupid the first time so I learned all I could.
I wanted to make it bigger and better for you,
Every day!
Every day until the end.
Months turned into years.
You were my little old man now,
With ways all your own.
But always you would answer my call.
You would let me know when you were up,
With the clattering of your dishes,
With the pitter patter of your feet.
Was a sound that could match no other,
I could hear it even if I was asleep.
You loved your house to be cleaned out,
It made you come alive each time.
You loved cucumbers, broccoli and strawberries.
You loved to strike a pose and were never camera shy.
You made me so happy!
And in the dark of night,
You found it fascinating outside.
You just wanted to run.
The only time I cried for you,
Was the night you died in my arms.
I have nothing left but that of another scar.
I am thankful for the memories,
That brought so much joy to my life.
You got me through my darkest hour,
But how could you not.
You were mine just for a time.

I love you Sammy.

Arrived 3/12/18
Departed 6/4/20 @ 2357
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