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Originally Posted by LunaTheHamster1 View Post
I've watched a few of skinny pigs1 videos, but i had to draw the line somewhere as I would get nothing done otherwise

Spam away with pics when you get them

Do you know if you want boys or girls?
Same that's why Ive made a rule that I'll only watch her videos at night.

At this moment in time I have no preference. If I have males I'll only be able to house 2 as they require more space than the sows and from my understanding more likely to squabble if there's more than 2. Boar trios can be done but for them to be successful they need tons of room and their personalities need to mesh PERFECTLY. Sows you can generally have in greater numbers. I would say my 'perfect' mix would be 1 neutered boar with 2-3 sows. From a rescue and past the puberty stage (4-14 months I think) hormones are everywhere during this time and fallouts and fights aren't uncommon. Some male bonds completely fail and then need to be bonded with a different pig. While they can fall out at any point, it's more so during those months. Obviously this doesn't go for every pair/trio/quad this is just a general overview I guess.

So yes, ideal world 1 neutered boar with 2-3 sows. Although I'd be open to whatever is in rescue at the time.
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