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Default Re: Mazuri Rat & Mouse Diet vs Rodent diet

It's sad because all it is about now is $$$$. I still do offer a block type food because I had many hams(especially young ones) only eat their favorite bits in my own formulated seed mix. Mine actually go for the blocks first now but they are made with Wheat and Oat and are Soy free after I found a huge write up on how Soy can and does cause fertility problems in Male animals(including Humans) Interestingly I had a huge increase in litter size once I ditched the Mazuri and switched to Kalmbach 23% Rodent diet,

Not only did the litters increase in size but my young pups prefer it over any of the seed mix. It is made from Wheat, and Oats and is not as hard in texture as Mazuri. The crumbles that are always at the bottom of a 50Lb bag makes a wonderful baby and Mommy Porridge when you add in Kitten milk and warm water so nothing goes to waste at all.
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