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Default Re: Help - Dwarf Hamsters' Gender Identification

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
Was this an accidental litter because the parents were wrongly sexed?

Personally, i'd house them separately to ensure no further litters. I read that hamsters are able to reproduce from as young as four weeks old.

Sorry that i can't be more helpful. I have four hamsters living in their own cages and have no experience in or intention of ever breeding hamsters.

What type of hamster supplies are you not able to get at the moment?

Yes, it was accidental alright. Actually, I had asked the pet store owner to give me two male dwarfs. I'm sure he himself didn't know how to identify the sexes. So now I'm blessed with three more lol. That's not a problem really.

Like their food, bedding and especially cages /enclosures. Most pet stores here are just selling Dog/cat and bird food. Nothing for hamsters or Guinea Pigs. I've requested them to get hold of some bedding and food for them. Let's see, but till that time i thought if only I could identify them. But now the situation is, even if I do identify them, I don't have enough materials to even build a cage.
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