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Default Re: How to make sure veggies don't go bad?

That can be a tricky one depending on the hamster. My Syrian eats some but pouches most to eat later while in his nest. His nest is in his house which has a removable roof so i can carefully check his nest and hoard for any leftover fresh food when he's in his coconut outhouse or out freeroaming with another family member keeping an eye on him.

More difficult with the burrowing dwarfs. I cut their veg into tiny pieces so they dry up rather than rot if left uneaten and give them only very small amounts. I give them their fresh food when they are out and looking for them so they'll eat them there and then.

I used to be fairly relaxed about this but learned my lesson when i found a mouldy and damp (pee) patch and a fruit fly in my diabetic dwarf's cage probably caused by a burried piece of cucumber that had gone off. I am much more vigilant now to avoid this from happening again.
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