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Default Re: Hamster heaven vs alaska?

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
So cheaper one takes longer? How much is the Mickey 2XL? Advantage of that is no external tubes so no silly hole blockers. It’s also exactly the same cage as the other two but with narrow bars. I chucked the grid shelf and used a flat roof house plus a small shelf in one corner.
HH has actually jumped up in price now, so it does not really mather where I buy it. I could buy the Mickey 2XL,but the petstore wont sell it to me because of the shelf. I have spoken to lokal petstore, and they did not sell it either. The lady I talked with proposed glass cage with door in front, it is 70*36 it think and cost 121,85 euro.

If I`m buying the HH or the sky,who do you recommend?

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