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Default Re: Hamster heaven vs alaska?

Me again - bearing in mind this is for a dwarf hamster

Alaska Pros

1) Cheap
2) Big front door
3) Good size


1) Some people say flimsy ish
2) Rubbish shelf and ladder (IMHO) but useable
3) Tall for a dwarf hamster - needs extra shelves or a second level to avoid injuries from falls and a very careful set up.

Hamster Heaven


1). Well made cage
2). Much better big front door that opens right to the top and closes very securely
3). Low height (about 36cm internal height)
4). Suitable for dwarf or Syrian hamster
5). Slightly deeper than Alaska so good floor area dimensions depth wise for setting up


1)Not really a con - it comes with a load of colourful plastic that needs removing to make it workable for a dwarf hamster. Except the one solid shelf which could be useful and the tubes could be used as floor toys in short runs.
2) Not cheap but long lasting cage
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