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Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
I use two bendy bridges on top of each other with each end turned up and the wheel jammed into place to stop Edwina's from moving. The wheel's solid base helps too.
Thanks, Ria P - that might work. I'll try it out this afternoon while she's in her play pen.

Actually, after a wee small hours trip to watch her play, it seems her back is just bending a little although she's still not quite fully grown yet, so I think she needs a bigger wheel. Her current wheel is only about 4-5 inches. What size is recommended for a dwarf, please?

Edit: can anyone recommend a good make? I quite like the wooden ones, but do they need plasticoating first? I ordered a Trixie wooden wheel in January, but when it arrived it didn't turn without there being some undesirable forward / backward motion (ie a kind of wibble). What do people think of the Rodipet version? I would be really grateful for some advice.

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