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Originally Posted by AmityvilleHams View Post
Clay litter isn't safe at all. It can basically block up the digestive system if ingested which is incredibly likely with hamsters, so you need to remove that now if it is in the cage and if not throw it out.

Children's play sand is the safest sand option though. You'll find information on the forum on how long to bake it and at what temperature, but that must be done to make it safe along with rinsing and sifting.

Nah I don't have it now, I only just ordered it,, think I read something about clay litter causing that, but I ordered it for the potty anyway, and was going to probably use sand anyway.

cant I use the sand from pets at home? don't really have the means to bake play sand... and Ive even read people saying play sand isn't that safe either, so it's kinda confusing

heard people saying they've changed and isn't as safe as much now but again get mixed signals.

would this be good? BUT YOUR saying I have rinse and sift it too, sound like alot of effort... I only see some people baking it.

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