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Originally Posted by Geo92 View Post
yeah I know about leaving scent, I have ordered a potty thing that comes with a sample of clay litter I can try that if not then maybe ill try sand, but hopefully that's enough lol, but he is for sure peeing in the house he sleeps in, if you smell it you can smell the pee. I know poo is not that bad.

maybe ill have one with clay liter, one with sand, we see what he prefers.

can you suggest sand?
Clay litter isn't safe at all. It can basically block up the digestive system if ingested which is incredibly likely with hamsters, so you need to remove that now if it is in the cage and if not throw it out.

Children's play sand is the safest sand option though. You'll find information on the forum on how long to bake it and at what temperature, but that must be done to make it safe along with rinsing and sifting.
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