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Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
He'll be fine for a couple of weeks Poos aren't that dirty really - like little seeds and not smelly - and can be left for a while as well. Sometimes they eat them which is normal. They have two stomachs and can redigest nutrients from their poops. If they start taking over then you could spot clean some

I should leave his nest for now, but adding a litter tray with sand may encourage him to use it. In a couple of weeks, if you need to remove his nest then try and leave a tiny bit of the old nest behind that isn't wet, even if slightly whiffy. And put a new pile of toilet paper strips out in the cage and he'll rebuild it.

yeah I know about leaving scent, I have ordered a potty thing that comes with a sample of clay litter I can try that if not then maybe ill try sand, but hopefully that's enough lol, but he is for sure peeing in the house he sleeps in, if you smell it you can smell the pee. I know poo is not that bad.

maybe ill have one with clay liter, one with sand, we see what he prefers.

can you suggest sand?

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