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Little update on Athena.

Very curious little girl who always rushes to the door to greet me. very happy to be held now and will take food from my hands with no issue. She is a fussy eater so I forsee her going onto a pelleted diet in the near future just so I know shes having a balanced diet and can't be selective. I know I will feel bad for doing it but she's not having a balanced diet as it is. That being said she is maintaining her weight. She's gained 52g since being here. She still needs to fill out some more in my opinion but that'll come with time hopefully. Otherwise I have had no issues with her. She too has adapted to the water bowl. Loves the sand and soil for digging. Only downside is she scares me to death when she's on heat as she's very vocal. I think she's hurt herself every time. Hissing, squeaking, chirping...not quietly either. I know why she does it, but it still gives me a mini heart attack every time
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