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Default Re: Two hammies in divided Detolf

There are studies that show the benefits of large enclosures. Minimums that are concluded based upon studying the animals behaviour should always, always, always be the minimum you should look at when choosing the best enclosure for your hamster. 450"2 is not that minimum; it was made for human convenience, as it is the size of an average bin cage - it has nothing, absolutely nothing at all, to do with the animals legitimate requirements and as such, it should be completely disregarded. It was scrapped by the very forum who created it, and that forum saw an infinite number of behavioural issues from all species of hamsters housed in that size enclosure.

I entirely disagree with half a detolf being "fine" for most dwarfs. The only dwarf hamsters that will be fine in an enclosure that small are seriously ill hamsters, or very old hamsters. Any average hamster will not thrive in an enclosure that small. Additionally, No ethical breeder should be selling Winter Whites in pairs. They are not a sociable species, regardless of quality of lines. It is unnatural behaviour for them to engage in.
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