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Default Re: Two hammies in divided Detolf

Winter whites are found solitary in the wild, and only come together when mating - much like the syrian hamster, and Chinese. Many outdated sources list them as sociable but these are, unfortunately, just that - outdated sources. Campbells are social, but only well bred. It is wildly regarded (by any dwarf enthusiast actually knowledgable/who have studied the species) that there is heightened aggression amongst poorly bred lines that make it simply reckless to how these hamsters in pairs or groups. Therefore, any Campbell without proof of pedigree should - if you care for your hamsters wellbeing - kept solitary. Housing an Campbell of unknown background as a pair or group is playing with fire and is unethical at best. These are animals who can literally **kill**** each other over night. Housing pairs is not something you should take lightly (regardless of how often you have done it in the past) and is only something that should be attempted by those with extensive knowledge on the species, and who study behaviour. They are not for the average pet keeper.

Regarding cage size: yeah, a lot of it is outdated, which sucks. But a single dwarf hamster needs 620”2 of floorspace with a minimum of 6” bedding depth. Anything or anywhere that says otherwise is simply just wrong.

A single detolf is great for a single hamster. And I strongly encourage you to please reconsider your original plan. If you want your hamster to not only survive, but truly thrive and be happy, one dwarf for one detolf is the best route to take:
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