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Default Re: Bradford Champs (National) 18th January 2020

Beautiful winning hammies as ever. Tristar’s BIS has such a stunning face.

Ria, Souffle can tell you more and properly as she is a judge as well as a breeder. As I understand it, type and temperament dominate the judging. At the few shows I have been to, all the hamsters seem perfectly content in their show pens as they are used to it. Spend most of the time asleep! The classes are divided by male and female and then coat/colour type and the best of each colour or coat are judged against each other (like dog shows) until best male/female Syrian are the last left for BestinShow and reserve.
For the pet class, the criteria is a little different and includes the judge looking at the carrier the hamster is in so the owner should add items to demonstrate a knowledge of what a hamster should have in their main cage, a hide, bedding, substrate and food.
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