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Default Re: Questions about fresh food

Originally Posted by sushi_78 View Post

Do you find that they hoard fresh food? I'd be worried about things going rotten if stored away.
Of the five dwarves I've owned I've never found any of their fresh food in their hoarding places.

If they don't finish all their fresh food then I take what is left over away the next morning. They tend not to move their fresh food away from their platters like they do with seeds or nuts.

I think hamsters are 'programmed' to hoard things that do not go off easily since this is the essence of why they hoard- to store food that will keep until the winter.

I have however found that my one little guy, Norman, drags his empty platter down the ramp to his bottom level but he only does this once he's finished all the food.

He's a random little chap.
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