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Default Re: Questions about fresh food

Thanks for all the advice and fresh food ideas. I like the sound of flax shoots - I think I'll try growing them this year.

Originally Posted by Vierville View Post
My dwarves all love brocolli and cauliflower. They tend to prefer the tenderstem or brocollini varieties but they are probably just spoiled. They also get small-fingernail-sized potions of sugarsnap pea, spinach, cucumber, green bean, occasional butter lettuce , red pepper and baby corn. Their individual tastes vary but the one thing all of them like is brocolli.

I also give a small fingernail-sized portion of dried coconut or a half a walnut or pecan nut occasionally.

They get a small platter (the lid of a takeaway sauce container) every night with a variety of the above items. I usually give it to them around 10pm, when they begin waking up for their night's activity.

I'm sometimes away overnight so on those days they skip their fresh dinner.
Do you find that they hoard fresh food? I'd be worried about things going rotten if stored away.
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