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Default Re: Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand?

This is the reply to my email and video sent to Supreme about their sand.

‘Thank you for taking the time to contact us following your recent purchase of our bathing sand.
Occasionally due to natural variation, the sand can sometimes contain some finer particles. Having reviewed the video that you have very kindly provided, I may advise that the level of fine particles is typical of what we would generally expect for this product.
If you find this causes you or your pet any irritation, then we would advise either limited use or discontinuing use all together. As directed on the packaging we would only recommend providing your pets with a sand bath a few times each week for a short period of time (10-20minutes). Our Bathing Sand is a very popular product, and please be assured that should we believe there to be any risk to you or your pets, then of course we would not promote its use in this manner.
We hope you find this helpful, however please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further queries.’
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