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All mine love the sand. My robo digs and rolls around in it, so does my one Syrian. The other 2 Syrians dig in it and use it as a toilet

I've used tiny friends farm but it was quite dusty so I tried bird sand (fine stuff sieved to get the bigger bits out. But it has a funny smell to it, unfortunately I threw the bag away so I couldn't see if it was scented or not. I'm either going to try chinchilla sand, reptile 'desert' sand or play sand.

For the actual bath itself I used a plastic lunchbox with a layer in to see what they'd do. There permanent baths are a large lunchbox, chinchilla bath (metal), reptile water dish thing and today I picked up a can fridge organiser out of Aldi for 3.99 and it's about the size of the chinchilla bath and it's sturdy too. I've heard some people use large jars as sand baths too so be creative.
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