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Syrian hams vary with sand baths, some use them a lot others not so much but I do think they should all have one, it needs to be deep enough for them to dig around in, dwarf hams tend to roll in the sand a lot but I'm not sure if syrians do that so much tbh.
Mostly they use it to help keep their skin & fur in good condition, some will like to pee in it which is quite handy as it clumps up & is easy to clean out any peed on sand.
Some people use something like a salt pig or even a small lasagne dish, I don't keep syrians myself so someone else would probably be able to make better suggestions for something suitable.
Chinchilla sand does very a lot in quality some being more dusty than others so it is important to get a good brand & make sure it's sand not chinchilla dust. You can also use childrens play sand but it needs to be dried out in the oven before use.
I use this one from Rodipet & find it really good, although it translates from German as dust it is sand!
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