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Default My gerbils

I thought I'd show off some pictures of my gerbils, and see how many other gerbil enthusiasts are on Hamster Central?

Gerbils are very, very different to hamsters and it's quite interesting owning them both at the same time and observing the differences. The most obvious difference is in temperament and nature. While hamsters have a certain charm and sweetness about them which gerbils don't really have, gerbils often (but not always) have a gregarious and happy-go-lucky nature which is also quite pleasant.

These are my four most recent gerbils (all female):

The top two were a pair who lived happily together in the medium Marrakesh terrarium until they died earlier this year. The bottom two are also a pair who are currently in the Marrakesh but will soon be moving to a Kerry to make room for my Robo (and also because they can't be trusted with so much wood and plastic!).

Does anyone else here have gerbils?

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