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Originally Posted by Ithuviel View Post
I also had a syrian hamster in 2003 with not only unknown wood shavings but also scented ones. he lived about 2,5 years. He was very stressed at the end of his life because he also had a very small enclosure, i think it was a 20l tank. A very small wheel, smaller than 20cm. All i could fit in the enclosure was the wheel and the house. I also didn't provide him with water i just fed him cucumbers twice a day. I did all this because there was no book on hamsters and because the pet shop suggested to put him in a jar. I actually did better then the pet shop suggestion if you can believe it.

Anyway, the 60s, i wonder what information you had at that time. I am also from eastern europe so i don't think guinea pigs and hamsters were available in my country at the time because of communism.
You're doing things right this time around and i'm sure you weren't the only one who didn't provide a hamster with the right care.
I remember visiting a cousin who had a hamster in a small budgie cage which was kept under the toilet sink!
I feel bad even thinking about the poor hamster swinging on and biting the bars of his little prison.
My guinea pig was one of the lucky ones because he was spoilt rotten by my mother, lived in a big cage in the kitchen and was allowed to free roam in the lounge.

We diverted from the Hemp thread. I do apologise hellobg.
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