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Do you like the idea of a wood shelf? I actually think that popping a large flat-roofed house over the top of his nest would be a good idea. That then masses a shelf as well and it would be darker so he’d like it. It’s what I did when I removed that plastic shelf. I had the Ferplast sin rabbit house. It’a tall enough that it can stand on the base of the cage (fill it with substrate inside) and makes a good shelf and a nice dark big house for a large nest. It does take up a bit of room in the cage. A better option would be the two room Rodipet house but that isn’t cheap. It does have a piece of granite for a roof though on one side and that also doubles up to soak up drips from water bottles, help keep their nails trim (walking on the rough stone to get a drink) and stays cool in hot weather. I’ll link them below. Better investment than a plastic shelf imho.

Savic do make a flat plastic shelf - it’s the rat one. I am not keen on that either. It is really huge and has little skits round the edge and I would worry a hamster would get a tie caught/injuries etc. The ladder for it is also far too long for an 80 Cm cage. Little friends make a plastic corner shelf - sold on amazon. That is pretty big too though.

Your hammy has probably only nested under the shelf because there isn’t a house big enough to build a big nest and they do like a house that is dark inside. Even a shoe box house makes a good option for a large house that makes a shelf. Cut the bottom out of the shoe box so it’s open underneath and sat on top of the substrate, and cut a hole fur a door. If you make the door at one end of a long side then the other end is darker and they tend to nest at the dark end. You can then put a litter tray inside at the other end and he’ll probably use it.
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