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Default Re: Older hamster not eating his food

That's good news about the crushed HH, AP. I have just bought some baby food this week because of different concerns with Maestro. From Sainsbury's I bought 2 pouches of Ella's kitchen. Pumpkin broccoli and sweet corn ( great success last night) and peas broccoli and potatoes still to be opened. I avoided fruit ones. Chicken and veg and cauliflower cheese can be useful if you need several flavours. I then use an ice cube tray to subdivide the remainder and freeze. You can transfer the cubes to a bag before using the tray for another flavour. Thereafter you can take one frozen portion of whichever one you want each evening and let it defrost over a couple of hours before use.
When Mocho needed medicine daily for a year I had a rotation of flavours in the freezer and porridge to ring the changes so he never got bored.
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